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TIP: Some first steps to get your site in order

TIP: Some first steps to get your site in order:

Do your legwork;  use Google’s tools to see where you stand.
Enlist the help of a qualified webmaster (not one who promises you the moon, or your son’s friend—look for honesty and experience). According to Google, more than half of Google searches come from mobile devices, therefore this latest push is designed with mobile in mind. (In case you weren’t aware, Google is the largest mobile search and mobile platform provider, and they have the most robust mobile app store.) It’s mobile or bust. Make it happen. Contact us now to learn more: http://ow.ly/LQWEO
Share your secrets to get your next sale
Let your secrets out of the bag. Blog and tell your customers all about what you do. It backs up your credibility…
Arm yourself with pay-per-click
Pay-per-click makes hitting the revenue bull’s-eye a lot easier. Shoot straight with targeted keywords so ads get in front of customers who are searching for what you offer

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