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A little history and more about Koehler Cyber Cafe

The Koehler Cyber Café, Inc., started in October 2001. During major layoffs all across the country following the 9/11 attack on our great country! It was decided that a need to open a small business in order to fill a need in the small business community as well as secure an income. As the plans spawned from ideas that we’re discussed around the family home and what we had done in our past work over the years, the concept of going out on my own became more and more plausible. The “Cafe” as we now call it was shoved into existence when a cash only on the site business became a full blown reality after a long supported customer had a major system network upgrade and realization of the need was made aware.

We started out just being a simple break-fix for local businesses in the area and IT Consulting to local businesses in need. What we discovered was the primary need of a solid, face to face consultant and website designing company for the local businesses, someone that could sit down with the owner learn their enough about their business in order to develop and design a website that flows and projects their company’s persona. So we developed the Website design and hosting concept of the company. Since then the Cafe has always prided itself in it’s moral and ethical business practices to provide what we would consider to be a simple service and product oriented establishment focusing on the local business community. We are providing our customers with quality Website Development, Website Design, Website hosting, And quality artistic designs in our logos the technology we use has the ability to take your business to the next level.

In addition to the design and hosting services provided, the Cafe has also provided content writing along with our previous IT Consulting to assist it’s hosting customers to support their emails, Computers and guide them to the proper repair outcome if one can’t be completed over the phone, through remote visual connection or onsite all on an as needed basis to our customers. This provides quality enterprise level IT Consulting by Microsoft and compTIA certified professionals that have worked for fortune 500 companies to give the best solution at the time with the best information available. This addition adds value to some of our hosting subscription packages for our loyal customers that can’t afford an IT person on staff but needs a professional to help them in the time of need when they need it most.

Also in addition we are working on a start-up concept that requires funding if you’re interested in investing I’d be happy to sit down and discuss this unique opportunity to you. 

If you have any suggestions toward funding please fill out our contact us form

Koehler Cyber Cafe, Inc.