Personalized Website Design and Support the way you need it

Whether it be for your business, church, organization, or you just want something personal for yourself, our staff of professional designers and content writers will custom design a website, graphic, and/or logo for your needs.

Web Design

Website design consists of custom coded websites designed specifically to your needs and portrays your company’s presence as a virtual entity for the web. The cost is simple and easy, we charge a flat fee for each normal web page design and for ecommerce setup.

Logo Design

Logo designing is well an art in itself. We create a logo to portray your company in one image so it will help it stand out from the rest. Once the payment is received you will be given all files related to your logo this includes: PSD, IL, EPS, JPG, PNG, hiRes PDF. so you can create custom shirts, stencil art or decals.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance packages are also available for your site as well. These packages are billed based on a discounted recurring monthly customer rate from our normal hourly rate of $85. You can choose from one of the monthly maintenance packages in order to save money per month, we will discuss this during your sign-up process and tailor a package according to your needs.

Content Writing

When building a website or any media for marketing purposes you need to be able to convey what you desire to your clients and customers. Content is the key to success in discovering what you can accomplish with your marketing vehicle. Content writers effectively capture the heart of your business and tailor your media to reach your target market. They’re storytellers who are well-versed in writing articles. Content writers use creativity along with common sense to develop a professional and practical communication that is capable of grasping your customers and bringing them to you so you can close the sale. So if you need a content writer to help with your company’s image please contact us and request a review.