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Community Gaming NetworkCommunity Gaming Network

The Community Gaming Network (ie: CGN) is a cross platform gaming group that started back in 2005 shortly after the November launch of Halo 2. The Community as it was known by back then was a part of the original UNSC group called ONI (Office of Navel Intelligence) The Community provided a specific training program for ONI’s Spartan II’s and ODST’s to the degree of non-other. Putting them through a rigorous mental, skill and even a discipline test through several maps lasting 6 months of daily map exercises helping to change and develop the online gamer’s mind to become a better person in real-life, the ONI training program primarily focused on what the gaming community calls canon characters. This made it very difficult to accomplish the programs ultimate goal of teaching the life fundamentals of socialism.

In 2009 the Spartan Training Program split off from ONI and went on it’s own and eventually becameĀ  “The Silver Spartans” The Leader of TSS was Keravu Rickaru also known as Sandman. The TSS would recruit and train basic teamwork and nonverbal skills to new members of TSS as well as discipline to the degree that clans would request their help in meetings and such as security. A fairly large clan of about 200 met the TSS Security team to discuss a meeting map to help them secure the map before a meeting with their expert forger Nit3Rav3n (aka: puternutt) After building a relationship that would work seamlessly together TSS decided to merge into this clan called TSRF (The Spartan Recon Force) Ran by MobxLilT, Nit3Rav3n and MisticBlade as well as Instinct. After a couple of years working with the members, rebuilding the structure of the Training program and integrating it into the clan TSRF. After setting up the ODST program, the Spartan Program and the Marine Program Mob decided to retire and placed Nit3Rav3n over the TSRF and shortly after the clan was renamed to TRF because of the diversity of the programs provided in the clan.

Once the TRF finished its 341st Clan Raid win they decided to maintain it’s win record and started defending more, they lost 1 base and tied 1 raid before hanging up the raids and deciding to rebuild “The Community” structure from Halo 2/3 era. Keravu, joined another partner Alaric as well as Nit3Rav3n to begin the building blocks of the return of “The Community”. After building the structure of “The Community” and the rules that will drive it into a new era the TRF decided to merge or fold it’s clan into “The Community” after doing so the clan lost around 100 members that dispersed to other clans. Knowing that our friendly and family atmosphere style didn’t go well with the ones that wanted to attack the UNSC or Sangheli sides, furthermore once the TRF combined and injected their members into the community to help launch it, the recruiting efforts began and sever clans and communities joined in as the years progressed.

In 2017 the concept of moving from Halo only to a cross platform, multiple game concept was put up to vote among the owner board of trustees and And in 2018 we finalized on the name “Community Gaming Network” And in 2019 completed it’s transition into the eSports arena as well as received it’s 1st sponsor with “Koehler Cyber Cafe, Inc.” to support the gaming group both financially and business structure wise.

The “Community Gaming Network” is currently accepting donations and sponsorships to help build their eSports and streaming networks. They will provide advertisements and call outs to all sponsors and donating partners.