Koehler Cyber Cafe x NASCAR Partnership

Koehler Cyber Cafe x NASCAR Partnership

February 4, 2024 Tips and Advertisements 0

Today I received an email from AMGsport asking us to be a sponsor for the JJ Yeley car running this April 23rd 2022. What an honor I feel this is to even be asked. We are heavily considering it.


“My name is Charles Broadhurst with AMGsports and I am reaching out on behalf of NASCAR. NASCAR has a race scheduled on April 23rd 2022 in Talladega, Alabama and we would like for Koehler Cyber Cafe to partner with NASCAR driver JJ Yeley. 

We believe that Koehler Cyber Cafe could benefit from the B2B connections that come with sponsoring in the NASCAR space. Currently no other company like Koehler Cyber Cafe occupies the NASCAR space and we were hoping you could be the first to take over.

I’d love to jump on a call with you and discuss our idea a little more, what day are you free this week?

Charles Broadhurst