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TIP: 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Content

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Content

By Karen Vujnovic, Manta Staff Writer – December 7, 2015

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Content

Google likes original content. The search giant likes it so much that websites with original articles are rewarded with improved rankings. But, not everyone likes to write, so what is a small-business owner to do to get this much-needed content?

  1. Give it a shot. You may find that you have a knack for sharing good advice. Content is more effective if it’s truly your own words and opinions. Remember, you’re not trying to win a Pulitzer, you’re writing to tell your audience what you understand best—your craft, your business, your brand. You can say that better than anyone.
  2. Sometimes it helps to say things aloud and then put it to paper. Record your advice, then transcribe it into a document. Don’t worry about syntax, grammar and typos, just get thoughts down. Once you’ve managed to harness the big ideas, hire a freelancer to edit and proofread.
  3. Freelance writers are easy to find, and may be more affordable than you think. If you can’t find a way to create your own content, create a relationship with a professional who can—but always read it over before publishing. You should agree with what they’ve written.
  4. Avoid copying and pasting someone else’s writing—unless you have permission or are citing them as a source. Stolen content can stand out as much as a knock-off designer bag—but unlike the bag, plagiarized content can tarnish your good reputation, or worse. Never copy anything verbatim, or even try to transform someone else’s thoughts with a few minor edits. It delegitimizes you and your brand.
  5. Don’t feel like you’re alone—writer’s block can confound the best of the best. Even Hemingway wasn’t immune to challenges. He’s quoted as saying, “There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.”