TIP: How To Build A Powerful LinkedIn Presence

TIP: How To Build A Powerful LinkedIn Presence

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How To Build A Powerful LinkedIn Presence

By Karen Cummings, Radiant Marketing – February 24, 2016

How To Build A Powerful LinkedIn Presence

Are referrals a primary driver for your business’ growth? Do you benefit from having an expansive and targeted network? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions then a powerful presence on LinkedIn could have a significant impact on your business’ success.

The business-oriented social network counts more than 400 million users—which almost certainly includes your target audience or potential referral partners. So, how do you establish a presence on LinkedIn that will drive new business? We’ve outlined our recommendations in four steps.

Step 1: Establish your plan. Set yourself up for success with an organized, goal-oriented plan of action. Just like any marketing effort, commitment to a consistent plan is key to getting results. Establish designated times of the day to dedicate to LinkedIn. It doesn’t take much—try 10 minutes a day to start!

Step 2: optimize your profile. Optimize your account by using a tagline that clearly shows users how you can help them. Rather than listing “Account Manager” or “Founder,” use this space to captivate your audience (this tagline shows in searches!) with something like “Instigating Small Business Growth.” Include keywords throughout your profile that you know your audience is searching for. If possible, include a client story in the “About” section to provide social proof of the results you help your clients achieve.

Step 3: Get in front of your audience. Identify at least two groups with high levels of activity that are geared toward your target audience or prospective partners. Become active in these groups by answering questions and sharing valuable resources that solve pain points and position you as a credible expert.

Step 4: Connect with purpose. Use LinkedIn’s search to narrow down the audience you want to connect with and send personalized messages when requesting to connect. Rather than sending a promotional/sales message, share a valuable piece of content you’ve written or provide a genuine compliment for something you find on their profile or website. Remember to follow up where appropriate and gear all of your efforts towards reaching your goals.

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Karen Cummings, founder of Radiant Marketing, provides strategic marketing solutions for small businesses. She is passionate about creatively designing and implementing marketing strategies that build awareness and drive prospects, leads and customers for small businesses. Follow her on Twitter at @kcummingsaz.