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TIP: Catch an Influencer’s Attention with Content

Catch an Influencer’s Attention with Content

By Carie Ferg, Manta Editor – January 6, 2016

Catch an Influencer’s Attention with Content

There are endless resources that describe how to produce content on every platform imaginable—whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or your own WordPress blog. But before you dive headlong into creating your own content, consider getting your feet wet by first contributing to others’ sites, channels and accounts.

Evan Carmichael, a content marketer who dispenses advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs, has more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers and 200,000 Twitter followers of his own. As a starting point, he advised creating accounts on all platforms to claim the name of your business before anyone else does. Then monitor and track within your industry to discover champions of your brand who already have established audiences. “It’s a great way to start instead of trying to go out and build your audience,” said Carmichael.

Influencers are key in the content marketing space. To catch their attention, Carmichael advised becoming a valuable and engaged contributor to their communities. “Start leaving comments, start to get involved,” he said. “You should be a known quantity on that person’s channel.” Doing so may engage an influencer, earning a thank you and perhaps a conversation that could lead to a guest appearance on their platform of choice.

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