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TIP: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Small businesses need every advantage they can get, so many are turning to the cloud. While there are risks, cloud computing can help small companies grow bigger, save money and access files from anywhere. Just be wary of security and privacy issues and remember that availability of your cloud service is dependent on an internet connection. You see if you setup a bank of computers in your office, you have to maintain those computers, paying for either a technician to come out and maintain them, hire someone on staff to do so, or do it yourself. To maintain would be to update, monitor both hardware and software, even virus check and update protection. Make sure that space levels are in check and have plenty of room for growth. If you run out of space then you have to purchase an expensive hard drive or more to increase the space. Cloud computing allows all of the above and then some for a fraction of the cost. Consider the cloud before you purchase that expensive system. You may be surprised what can be offered.