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TIP: How to Craft a Story That Cuts Through the Noise

How to Craft a Story That Cuts Through the Noise

By Carie Ferg, Manta Editor – February 26, 2016

How to Craft a Story That Cuts Through the Noise

Customers today are inundated with messages just about all the time—from the ads served up while they’re surfing the web or browsing social media sites to traditional ads experienced while they’re watching TV or listening to the radio. Unless your business has a powerful message, prepare to get swept away in the digital noise.

One way to amplify your message is by drafting a powerful story that tells customers what your small business is all about. “Stories give the customer an easy way of passing on information to others. They are simple to remember and easy to communicate,” said Kordell Norton, author and expert on customer relationships.“Some are short and connect in profound ways,” he added, citing Morton Salt’s “when it rains it pours” and John Deer’s “nothing runs like a Deere.”

A good story has the following essential components, according to Norton. Include these, and you’ll be able to tell a tale that will connect with your customers through empathy.

  1. A hero (customer) is introduced.
  2. The journey is undertaken.
  3. The monster (customer’s problem) raises its snarling head.
  4. The hero fights and wins.
  5. The moral of the story is contemplated.

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