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TIP: How to Get Your Business’ Twitter Account Verified

How to Get Your Business’ Twitter Account Verified

By Brooke Preston, Manta Contributor – August 5, 2016

How to Get Your Business’ Twitter Account Verified

Until now, obtaining Twitter’s coveted blue “verified” checkmark was decided by the somewhat cloaked whims of the social media company. Top global brands, celebrities and politicians often earned the elusive verified icon, but so did a seemingly random mishmash of folks who somehow fulfilled the nearly opaque criteria for inclusion.

In July, Twitter rolled out its first-ever verification application process. While this may not change the criteria Twitter uses to decide who gets verified, at least it give small business owners the chance to proactively apply for formal consideration.

There is potential value for your business beyond a mere status symbol. Becoming verified shows the world that Twitter believes you are not only legitimate, but an influencer of public interest.

To apply, visit Twitter’s verification application page, which explains basic minimum profile requirements. Twitter also recommends that business owners’ profiles, photos, website addresses and email addresses reflect your company identify (rather than your personal identity).

Provide a bit of basic info, including at least two links to websites that verify you are a real, operating business, and a short statement (up to 500 characters) on why your account should be verified. After submitting your request to be verified, Twitter will reveal your results by email.

There’s no set timeline, but you can expect a wait, especially immediately after rollout. Denied? You can try again in 30 days.

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