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TIP: How do I make my site appear first in Google Search Results?

How do I make my site appear first in Google Search Results?

I get asked this question all the time by my clients during the sign up process. “How do I make my site appear first in Google Search Results?” And I state the same thing over and over to them. It’s all in the content.

Providing High quality content on your site is crucial to it’s livelihood. Search Engines especially Google tries to find the best answer for every user, not just one, but every user’s request. So if you write the best material, you’re in the running. Always use the Search Analytics Reporting to see which search queries lead those users to your page and which page has the best cornerstone content, or the anchor that holds your rankings. And what the click-through rate is for links to your site.

You also need to make sure your site is mobile friendly! In this day and age it appears to be in the high 90 percent of users use their phones to find businesses in their local area. Many users search on mobile devices and Google’s search results favor pages that they believe would answer that user’s request the best and give them the best possible user experience on their specific device platform.

In developing your pages on your site, you need to be sure you use informative titles and snippets and create a good, clear and accurate title and meta tag descriptions. These help Google understand the purpose of the page in question and it helps Google generate useful snippets in their search results for the end user.

Most importantly you need to find someone that can, or if not you need to do it, but make sure that you or your developer follows Google’s guidelines “for good sites and avoid pitfalls that could affect your search ratings.”