TIP: Land more sales

TIP: Land more sales

July 31, 2020 Tips and Advertisements 0

When building your website you need to keep in mind that your landing page shouldn’t be a hodgepodge of things and cluttered. It’s prime real estate – take care of it. Be as thoughtful with the content and images or videos as you would with landscaping for your dream house. Create website curb appeal to welcome customers. Give them succinct, informative copy, and a clear call to action. Rid your site of clutter or the value will drop and visitors will quickly relocate. With the right website visual appeal your customer retention will be up and so will your potential customer base.  To help, I’ve found a good resource you can use to learn how to create the landing page you need for your business.

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Free Ebook: The Complete Guide to Landing Pages

Your business’ landing page is the online face of your business. Because of this, we’ve created the Complete Guide to Landing Pages to help you optimize for conversions, decrease your bounce rate and maximize your overall online marketing ROI. What you will learn from this comprehensive guide:

  1. Landing page fundamentals and basic conversion principles
  2. How to A/B test your landing page to maximize conversions and decrease your bounce rate
  3. How to optimize your landing page for lead generation
  4. …and much more!

If you want to optimize your landing page to get the highest rate of conversions; if you want to generate leads, sales, and maximize your overall marketing ROI, get this free comprehensive guide to landing pages! Just click the image to download the free guide!