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TIP: Mobile Marketing Can Help You Reach New Customers

Mobile Marketing Can Help You Reach New Customers

By Kitty McConnell, Manta Content Editor – April 22, 2016

Mobile Marketing Can Help You Reach New Customers

It’s a fact of business in the digital age: You can’t reach new customers if they can’t find you online. And when those customers look for products and services these days, they’re doing so on their smartphones.

Updating your marketing plan to include mobile tactics is critical to reaching potential new customers—and to keep existing customers interacting with your business.

Manta’s free ebook “Mobile Marketing Essentials” outlines tactics that have proven effective in connecting small businesses with customers. Here are three basic pointers from the book:

  • Focus first on making your website mobile-friendly. Google will reward your business with better search rankings if your website works well on smartphones. Old-school desktop sites that aren’t mobile friendly will suffer in search results.
  • Reach on-the-go smartphone users with targeted local listings and ads. Updating your business location, hours and info on platforms like Yelp, Mapquest, Google My Business and Manta’s small business directory will point your customers in the right direction when they’re on the road.
  • Don’t forget to email. Emails are a great way to keep up with your customers on their smartphones. You can send coupons, event notices and business updates to customers who sign up for your emails. Just make sure your emails are mobile friendly, and include a link to your phone number, email or website for easy purchases.