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TIP: Optimize Your Digital Ad Campaign For Long-Term Success

Optimize Your Digital Ad Campaign For Long-Term Success

By Dan Gallagher, Manta Advertising Operations Manager – March 2, 2016

Optimize Your Digital Ad Campaign For Long-Term Success

Everyone wants immediate results from their digital advertising campaigns. If we spend our money on ads, it only makes sense we should see a quick return, right? Actually, the opposite is usually true—but that isn’t a bad thing. Through advertising, you can learn a lot about your target customer and grow your business over the long run. Plus, your advertising will get more cost-effective over time, as your campaign learns how to target your customers and bid for the best ad rates.

Here are five ways to turn your digital ad campaign into a long-term investment:

  1. Define your CPA. Don’t get discouraged by a high cost per acquisition in the first month of your campaign. Advertising systems are designed to learn what works and what doesn’t and will optimize your campaign over time.
  2. Define your target audience. All advertising platforms now present the opportunity to target specific types of users or content. You will see more success if you understand your customers.
  3. Implement tracking. It is important to understand the origins of each lead. Tracking information—learning where customers see your ads—will help optimize your advertising campaigns.
  4. Define a bidding strategy. Many advertising platforms allow you to set a CPA goal. The campaign will optimize your budget toward that goal, bidding as low as possible without going over your budget.
  5. Be patient. Don’t expect to generate leads or acquire new customers as soon as you launch your campaign. It takes time to learn what works for your business and refine your ad campaign for success.

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As Manta’s advertising operations manager, Dan Gallagher leads the ad ops team and oversees advertising campaigns and strategies for our clients.