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TIP: Use Online Communities To Build Your Brand

Use Online Communities To Build Your Brand

By Graham Cline, Manta Community Manager – October 28, 2015

Use Online Communities To Build Your Brand

You’ve spent years mastering your craft to assure the success of your business. Now use that experience and advanced knowledge to build credibility. Where? In online communities.

In the digital age, content is king. Luckily, you have a wealth of it—you just need to share it with others. By posting your expert advice on community message boards you increase brand awareness, potentially expand sales and can build trust with customers and other small business owners.

“Engaging with the Manta community has helped my business grow since I joined in January,” said Becky Hassler, owner of Virginia Aardvark. “I have learned so much by taking the advice of the many talented, experienced community members. With their help, I was able to follow their steps to get my website mobile-ready.”

So if you’re a tax specialist, share your best tax tips. Marketing specialists, contribute your best social or email marketing suggestions. Providing your audience with content they need will build a personal brand and demonstrate your expertise. It can make the difference between getting a call, or not.

Graham Cline is Manta’s community manger and a graduate of Ohio State University. He’s a science-loving bloke with a penchant for all things local to Columbus—particularly the Buckeyes. He’s an avid seeker of knowledge and enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog, Zara.