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TIP: Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Write Product Descriptions That Sell

By Brian Lindamood, Manta Content Director – December 23, 2015

Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Content marketing is a fancy way to describe all the text you write for your website and social media accounts, including descriptions of your business, products and services. It can be a powerful tool—especially when it gets the attention of search engines—but it doesn’t have to be complicated. By following a few simple tips, you can connect with customers, make sales, and enjoy the SEO benefits of publishing original content.

Make it unique. It may be tempting to copy product descriptions from a manufacturer’s website, but it will hurt your search engine optimization. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Write new descriptions to add your own perspective and stand out in search.

Write what you know. You are the top expert on your business, and no one is more passionate about the products you sell. Make sure that shines through in your descriptions. Customers will appreciate sincere recommendations based on your experience and knowledge.

Frequently answered questions. What do customers want to know about your products? They’ve probably already asked. Think about the questions you hear every day and turn your answers into product descriptions that anticipate customers’ concerns and needs.

An award-winning writer and editor, Brian Lindamood is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. At Manta he covers marketing, digital media, sales, operations and more so business owners can grow on their own terms.