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TIP: Website Audits Can Improve Your Ranking

Website Audits Can Improve Your Ranking

By Marc Prosser – October 19, 2015

Website Audits Can Improve Your Ranking

The purpose of a website audit is to make sure everything on your site is functioning properly for visitors and for Web crawlers (Internet bots Google uses to decide your ranking). And if you’re unaware of where your site stands, there are tools out there to help you locate any issues and whip your website into shape.

1. Making sure everything works

According to LinkTiger, even top Fortune 500 companies have over 31,000 broken links (collectively) on their websites. Odds are, your site does too. Broken links mean customers will leave your site, increase your bounce rate and lower your online search ranking. Enter Google Search Console. This free service from Google analyzes sites, checking page-by-page to make sure there are no broken links or faulty images, and provides a detailed report of what needs addressed.

2. Checking your site speed

According to a Chartbeat study, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on websites, so your site speed is critically important. If it’s too slow visitors will lose interest and leave. Google Analytics has a site speed test that can give you an accurate reading of your site’s load time for a new visitor. If it’s over 5 seconds, find out what is slowing things down and make some changes. Your hosting service could be inadequate or your images might be too large. Either way, diagnose the problem and craft a solution.

If you’d like to examine your website further and find out if you need to adjust anything please contact us today and we’ll set up a time to discuss your website. Koehler Cyber Cafe specializes in website maintenance, website design, domain hosting and even logo design. We can help you analyze your website and find out what is slowing it down, help you identify the issue and resolve it in a professional and timely manner.