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TIP: 3 easy ways to beat your fear of failure

3 easy ways to beat your fear of failure

Fear of failure — the beast that has the power to drive a wedge between us and what we really want. We have probably all experienced the universal feeling early on in a school setting, and it’s something we must continue to face, even as adults. Carol Roth, speaker, on-air contributor for CNBC and author of The Entrepreneur Equation, believes that fear of failure can inhibit small-business owners from innovating because “we haven’t been taught to fail properly.” Roth’s recommended antidote is an easy-to-remember three-pronged formula:

1. Fail quickly
2. Fail cheaply
3. Never fail the same way twice

“You don’t want to innovate on a project that takes three years to bring to market or that costs half of your annual budget. There’s just too much going on without proof of concept,” Roth said, advising to adapt your innovation path based upon market feedback.
Learn how you can make innovation a discipline, and see your small business thrive as a result!