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Your logo isn’t your brand

Your web designer can’t create a brand for you. Neither can the person in charge of your marketing. Your brand is something so much deeper than that. It’s what your employees need to do their job well. Your brand drives them, not the other way around. Building a brand is leadership stuff. It’s for you and one or two key people on your team to clearly define – to take a stand for what is boldly and outrageously yours, that no other business in the world can claim. You could say that if values are the heart of your business, then Brand is its soul. Which is why we put the Chief Brand Officer as one of the the four leadership roles every small business needs, even if it’s you filling all four today. Brand is your values in action, and it’s what keeps your business and your team focused on the right goals, in the right way. When you begin to see it this way, you’ll find that brand has nothing to do with colors, fonts or marketing tactics. It’s all about experience – how you infuse each moment, through every interaction, from the most tangible to the least, with the unique flavor that defines your business.