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5 Ways To Use Facebook Timeline To Promote Your Small Business

By Priya Shah
Ever since its launch, Facebook Timeline has provided a great marketing opportunity to businesses. Small businesses, especially, have got a place to promote their company to a huge audience of users worldwide. Facebook Timeline for business pages has made it easier to tell stories and reach new customers for a fraction of traditional marketing costs. Small businesses can now expose more of their content through the medium of visuals and photos. They can now reconnect with old customers as well as attract new ones. Small businesses can expand their reach to engage a huge community via the Facebook Timeline by using both organic posts and sponsored posts. Facebook ads can be used to get more likes on your small business page which in turn boosts the number of viewers exposed to your message. Here are 5 ways to use Facebook Timeline to promote a small business:
1. Design your cover picture wisely.
When customers find your Facebook page via an advertisement, the first thing that they will notice is the cover picture. It needs to be something that clearly defines the benefits that your company offers and communicates clearly with its objective. From the customer’s perspective, the cover photo also needs to be attractive enough to entice them to scroll down and learn more about your products and services.
2. Use milestones to add major events of the company history.
Milestones is another feature that you should consider making the most of because the Timeline works like a digital record of events. Keep on updating all noticeable accomplishments and actions of your business along with the date on your Facebook Timeline. This will tell your company’s story and offer customers a clear picture about the company’s history, launch of new products and features.
3. Highlight your special promotions and discounts.
The timeline provides options to highlight specific posts and expand the photo, video or status message to full screen mode. This can be done by clicking on the star icon at the right side of the post. Another method to enhance the appearance of a post is to click on the edit link and pin it to the top of the page. You can also promote discounts and special offers through Facebook ads so that it engages more customers than you have on your page.
4. Allow recommendations or testimonials on your page.
Allowing your customers to write testimonials or recommendations on your Facebook timeline will generate notifications in the news feed of that customer allowing you to reach their friends also. In this way, you allow your customers to become your best marketers.
5. Encourage customer interactions.
Let your fans post their queries and show interest in their problems by asking questions in the status box. Resolve their issues publicly whenever possible. If they send you a private message in the inbox ask for permission to share it with others. Let them know that their problems are important to you and that you care. Priya Florence Shah is a former journalist, author, online publisher and content marketing consultant. She runs a business blog consulting firm that offers blogging services to help you brand yourself and your business online. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7959376