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TIP: 3 Ways to Make New Connections on Social Media

3 Ways to Make New Connections on Social Media

By Ivy Lamb, Manta Webinar Editor – August 4, 2016

3 Ways to Make New Connections on Social Media

You’ve probably heard that social media is a great way to connect with customers, old and new. But how do you get the most out of your social media without investing time you don’t have into your marketing?

Beth Carter, chief strategist for Clariant Creative Agency, knows the dilemma. “As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenge of dealing with social media,” she said. “As an agency owner, I’m fortunate to have an insider’s view into what works and what doesn’t.”

Carter offered up some quick tips for busy small business owners looking to make new connections on popular social media platforms:

  1. Hashtags are your friend on Twitter. (If you’re not familiar with them, hashtags are words proceeded by the pound symbol that help organize information.) Include one or two hashtags in every tweet to help new users find you.
  2. Turn every Facebook post into an ad. Target your audience carefully, and start out with a $5 daily budget to grow your audience.
  3. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn. When you share a post, tag a connection and ask that person a specific question. When they answer, their network will see the comment.