Tip: How to Add a Click-to-Call Button to Your Website

Tip: How to Add a Click-to-Call Button to Your Website

February 15, 2024 Tips and Advertisements 0

Customers don’t depend on landlines and phonebooks to call businesses these days. They use smartphones to research and make contact with your business. Embedding a click-to-call button on your website allows customers to connect with you by smartphone directly from your company’s homepage.

It may seem like a small, unnecessary function—after all, it’s not terribly difficult to dial a phone number. But when it comes to converting mobile customers, convenience is key. Click-to-call buttons make it easy for customers to act on their impulse to call your company. With one tap, customers can call to schedule an appointment, make a purchase or request more information about your hours, location or other details that will encourage them to stop by in person.

If you have WordPress, Wix or another major content management platform, you can add a button to your site by installing a call-button plug-in. If you have a custom HTML site, you can download and embed a button’s source code from companies like Twilio or eVoice. If you’re just building your site, don’t forget to include this quick conversion function.

Click-to-call buttons are one of the smartphone marketing tactics covered in the Mobile Marketing course in Manta’s Academy. Watch the short video here to learn more!