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TIP: Move Up With a Mobile Website

Move Up With a Mobile Website

By The Manta Team – March 10, 2015

Move Up With a Mobile Website

News flash: Mobile is here to stay. Not only is it sticking around, but businesses with optimized mobile sites rank better in Google. If you didn’t jump on the bandwagon when it first started heating up, run fast and hop aboard—this is no longer the wave of the future.

Think about this:

  •  Many studies suggest that poor mobile performance leads to less engagement.
  • A recent Google study found that 88 percent of smartphone users search for local information on their devices.

Don’t risk losing a large portion of potential customers. Determine if your website is adapted for mobile usage. Spend some time searching for and using your site on different mobile devices, and always keep the customers’ point of view in mind. Next, decide what mobile solution makes the most sense for your audience and your budget. (For example, would a responsive site be sufficient, or could a mobile app provide a better user experience and improve sales?)

With all this said, laptops and desktops aren’t being tossed from the tops of buildings. But it does mean consumers expect similar experiences on any device. Pinching and zooming is the equivalent of dialing a rotary phone—and while mobile users can do it, they probably won’t.

Contact the Cafe to run a review on your site’s Mobility and functionality. We’ll evaluate and even setup a plan to build a mobile site for you!