TIP: Some first steps to get your site in order

TIP: Some first steps to get your site in order

October 13, 2023 Tips and Advertisements 0

TIP: Some first steps to get your site in order:

Do your legwork;  use Google’s tools to see where you stand.
Enlist the help of a qualified webmaster (not one who promises you the moon, or your son’s friend—look for honesty and experience). According to Google, more than half of Google searches come from mobile devices, therefore this latest push is designed with mobile in mind. (In case you weren’t aware, Google is the largest mobile search and mobile platform provider, and they have the most robust mobile app store.) It’s mobile or bust. Make it happen. Contact us now to learn more: http://ow.ly/LQWEO

Share your secrets to get your next sale
Let your secrets out of the bag. Blog and tell your customers all about what you do. It backs up your credibility and with WordPress through us we can show you how to manage your social media posts through one dashboard with ease!

Arm yourself with pay-per-click

Pay-per-click makes hitting the revenue bull’s-eye a lot easier. Shoot straight with targeted keywords so ads get in front of customers who are searching for what you offer

Call to Action
Consider what you want to do with your site first, how you want it to be presented and then what you want to achieve by doing so. Setup what is called a “CTA” the Call To Action. Read this article to learn more about the CTA

How to build a Landing Page
“When it comes to building a landing page there are two things to focus on, how to convert the readers and generate cash flow” Says the author of “How to build a landing page” of Voy Media Click the link here to learn more RULES WHEN BUILDING A LANDING PAGE: 1) Never send traffic from ads to your home page, 2) Be clear and to the point that’s the key to success and 3) Building landing pages follow a specific structure. You can learn more by clicking the link above from Voy Media.

How to take photos for your site, Voy Media does a great job discussing this in their article here “How to take Product Photos” But to elaborate a bit the basic fundamentals of the photos should provide a testament to the quality of your service, product or company. Creating these effects trust and transparency. Which are important to a quality and loyal customer for you. So when taking the photos there are at least 3 elements to focus on. 1) Engagement, 2) Conversions and 3) Extending customer lifecycle (loyalty) Read the article to learn more and get the more detailed explanation of the setup. You’ll enjoy it.

Sales Funnel’s
So what is a sales funnel? the sales funnel is simply defined as the route website visitors take along the way of buying your services or product.If you can visualize, map out and analyze your sales funnel you can take actions to improve the process that leads to a purchase.

You’ll be able to identify where in your sales funnel potential customers lose interest and disengage. Or, figure out why no one converts or how to retain current customers longer.

When you understand your sales funnel, you have the ability to optimize it (discussed below). This is the fundamentals of online marketing. To be successful, you must be specific, targeted and focused on your customers. To learn more about this click here and read the original article