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TIP: Facebook Video Makes It Easy to Share Your Business Story

Facebook Video Makes It Easy to Share Your Business Story

By Brooke Preston, Manta Contributor – March 25, 2016

Facebook Video Makes It Easy to Share Your Business Story

You’ve probably read about how important video content is to attract the attention of customers or improve your ranking with search engines. There’s just one problem: You’re a small business owner, not a Hollywood filmmaker. Now, a new tool from Facebook promises to make video production easy—and free.

Facebook’s Your Business Story makes the process about as simple as logging into Facebook. To create your video, you select up to eight of your own photos, pick an instrumental music soundtrack (Facebook provides four choices), and write short text about your business (up to 90 characters).

You’ll need to have admin access to your business page; if you manage multiple Facebook pages, Your Business Story will ask you to select which account you want to use. After choosing your photos, music and text, Facebook generates and displays your video; from there, just click to make edits or share to your page.

Need extra inspiration before diving in? Here are a few tips for making the most of your Facebook video:

  • If want to use photos that aren’t yet saved to your Facebook page, you’ll need to upload those images to an album first in order to make them available for Your Business Story
  • Since text will overlay on several screens of the video, photos without text or busy patterns work best
  • Once you post the video to your page you can no longer make edits, so review carefully before sharing
  • There’s no limit to the number of Your Business Story videos a business can create, so you can always delete one and create it again—or create multiple videos to highlight your various locations, services or team members